Acid Neutralizer Catalog

Acid Neutralizer

Description If your water has a pH below 7.0 it is an acid water. Acid water is both corrosive and aggressive. Low pH water will eat through piping, attack porcelain, enamel fixtures and corrode metals.

The APL AN-10 Nertralizer changes corrosive water to neutral water by raising the pH back to normal. The only attention required is the addition of calcite and magnesium oxide each year.

Corrosion: Eliminates the blue-green staining deposits and increases the life of plumbing, hot water heaters and appliances.

Sudsing: Longer lasting, stable suds, plus soaps will not break down and disappear as they do in acid bearing water.

Taste: Better tasting water that will be spring-like and sweet with no more off taste.
  • Fully Automatic Autorol Control Unit
  • Unit Includes Dome Hole Refill Plug
  • 1.5 cubic foot Filtering Material Capacity
  • 5 year Guarantee on Control Unit
  • Lifetime Guarantee On Tank
  • Normal Installation Included
Color Blue
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